Feminism, mental health and orgasms?

*trigger warning, uneducated men may be upset by this post. I have found myself wondering lately a very simple question. Why do we as woman fake orgasms? I know I have done it more times than I can remember, almost like it was ingrained into my natural instinct. In fact for a long time I… Continue reading Feminism, mental health and orgasms?


“Ride or die girl” **trigger warning, domestic violence**

I was lying in bed with my current boyfriend a week ago and before i even knew what was coming from my mouth I found myself asking "do you think i'm clingy?" I think he was as surprised by my question as I was. Immediately after asking it I knew I wanted to know the… Continue reading “Ride or die girl” **trigger warning, domestic violence**

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The darkest industry on earth part 1 Content warning: Rape, child sex work, drugs, addiction.

I was asked, a few months ago now, to write a piece for a beautiful woman I know, to help support her organisation, Project Exposed.  I allowed myself to come up with thousands of excuses for why I was to busy or that my story wasn't good enough to tell... But at the end of… Continue reading The darkest industry on earth part 1 Content warning: Rape, child sex work, drugs, addiction.


**Guest Post** Love the addicts in your life.

I wrote this just before I went to rehab…

I'm just catching babies and cooking dinner

A young friend of mine, who I am incredibly proud of, wanted to share these words with a wider audience.  I have formatted them, and corrected some spelling, but the words, and the thoughts, are all hers. 

I have used drugs for ten years of my life in one way or another, but recently upon a lot of reflection, I have realized I have been an addict as long as I can remember. I have been able to manipulate a situation and gain exactly what I want from it since I about three or four years old. I have always felt unloved; unworthy. And so, so, so bored.


Bored with being good, bored with the rules of society and although I never wanted to become a junkie, I never wanted to be “good”. Studies say once an addict always an addict, and in case you didn’t know, you are born…

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